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Formed Metal Products, Inc has the ability to run long run quantities with high powered and high speed Four Slides. We have extensive experience in Four Slide stamping and forming that provides responsive and precision  services. In addition, we support our clients with consultation on whether Four Slide capabilities our right for your part. Our in house Four Slide setup and designers will work with you to manufacture a part at low cost with high speed and high quality.


Formed Metal Products, Inc. provides products and services to a wide variety of industries such as:

Formed Metal Products, Inc. prides itself on empowering our employees to have pride and quality in their work, which helps us maintain a well-organized workplace. We pride our company throughout generations of the  family-owned business that has a customer base built on an excellent reputation for quality of work and showmanship.

Materials Supported for Four Slide Machines:

Four Slide Machine


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